What To Do In case of An Accident

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​​​​Exchange information with the other driver involved in the collision:
Driver’s name


Phone number

Driver’s license number

License plate number

Get Witness Information:

Witnesses can be crucial in determining who’s at fault or responsible for the collision. If applicable, get the names and addresses of any witnesses.

Get RCMP Accident File Number

You'll need this file number when you report your accident to SGI. This is proof that your accident was reported.

The officer on scene should provide this to you as well as take your statement.

When to report your collision to the police:
You must report the collision to police if any of the following circumstances apply:
1:  Collisions resulting in injury or death.
2:  Hit and run collisions.
3:  An impaired driver.
4:  Any of the vehicles involved have to be towed from the scene.
5:  A collision involving a vehicle that does not have a valid licence plate or is an Out-of-Province vehicle.

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Collision Report Form